The Best of Me and You

Friday, May 02, 2014

"We're not going to sleep when the sun goes down,
We don't waste no precious time,
Making up for teenage crime."
- Adrian Lux (Teenage Crime)

I don't know how to say that these are the best years of our lives with the impact that it deserves.

Because we're old enough to know what's wrong, and young enough to do it anyway.

Because our bodies are physically strong enough to put up with what our minds are not strong enough to resist.

Because who remembers the nights that we got plenty of sleep?

One day, we'll grow up. One day, mortgages, rents, bills, insurance, responsibilities as heavy as the world will rest on our shoulders. One day, we will look back on these days.

But for now have time to dream the wrong things and pick another dream too big for our hearts.

These are the best years of our lives.