Take Away the December Sting

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The cold bites on my nose and numbs all my fingers. The icy wind howls about lashing against my face mercilessly. My eyes spring tears at the injustice of it all. My toes are clenched in a battle against the supernatural. I am decked head to toe with layers upon layers of clothing and still the cold seeps into the corners of my weakened soul.

"Ahhh, it's a warm day out today isn't it?" a passer-by, scantily clad jogger yells to another.

"Yup, we're finally experiencing good weather!" the other, just as scantily clad jogger yells back.

And the Asian girl shivering in the middle, her face hidden by scarves and hoodies and 6 layers of other clothing curses;

"screw you all."

P.S - No. I'm not doing too well in cold weather. I now understand the necessity and the advantages of hibernation.


  1. Our spring started late in December, so it took all of March( And it doesn't want to go away still...

  2. Tanya!

    HAHAHAHAH! Oh wow. But don't you love the winter?

    I have a college friend who too, is from Russia. She just traveled to Malaysia and she can't stand the heat here. She misses the cold.

    She also taught me how to say hello, and if I remember correctly...its Paka (or that's the english way of spelling it)
    She also taught me good-bye....which is Previeet (?)

    HAHA! So until next time =]