Different words;same song

Friday, May 20, 2011

The best thing about Cambodia was...

I mean, after the absolutely DELISH baguettes that can be found everywhere there (crisp, fresh, heavenly bread toasted with butter and smothered in meat, ham, veggies and everything mouth-watering. I ate SIX during our five day trip. I would have eaten them for breakfast, lunch and dinner too but, no one else took kindly to that suggestion).

So after that, the best thing about Cambodia was...

Oh, and of course after the FRENZIED shopping action that went on. The spotting and haggling and the buying and the exclamation of the super duper cheap prices! No joke, Abercrombie & Fitch, H & M, Miss Sixty, ALL as low as USD2 (there are US clothing factories in Cambodia so all the clothes manufactured there are cheap)!

So after the shopping, the best thing about Cambodia was...

Oh, not to mention the INCREDIBLE fellowship throughout the trip;

the getting-to-know the adults better; the tickling and pinching from Aunty Angie, the being bribed and cajoled to act in a skit for Aunty Christabel; the mothering and pampering and the being-stuffed-so-full by Aunty Anne.

the much needed sleeping that was continuously disturbed by the Cooking Mama Michelle and the adults who took turns every morning to bang our doors so loudly that I’m sure would have woken up Thailand (Cambodia’s neighboring country).

the instant clicking between us and the Cambodian youths within the very first day. Things got so emotional that tears were shed during farewell, which I think is quite incredible – glory to the Lord - when you factor in language and cultural barriers.

So, as I was saying, the best thing about Cambodia was...

OH! And I mustn't forget to tell you about the Cambodian youth worship, which, blew me away. From the start to the end, it was just, so, incredibly, powerful. I seriously, don't even know what words to use to describe how it was.

The Cambodian youth sang with gusto, with pride, with love, with soul, with all they've got, they just laid it all down and sang, literally, to high heavens to Daddy above.

And so we all sang.

And it wasn't until almost the last song when it hit me.

We were all singing the same song.

But not the same words.

We were all singing the very same song, except, they were singing it in Khmer (their national language) and we were singing in English. I don't quite know if you understand how this was so profound to me. But let me try explain.

Despite the different words we used, we were singing the same song.

Despite the different cultures we're from, we were feeling the same thing.

Despite the different colors that we are, we are all humans.

Despite the everything difference that we are, we are all children of God.

Different words; same song.

But I got to tell you, the very best thing of Cambodia was...

that well, there is no very best thing about Cambodia

Because all the good things blended together, made the whole trip the very best thing.

the delirious conversations at two in the morning or five in the afternoon from two half-baked, half-coherent, stupendous people. Look how far we've come huh Lerry?

*sighs of contentment.


  1. Eh, how did I miss this post!?

    Anyway, yeah! Cambodia was awesomeee. Praise God. :) And as you said in your interview (which was conveniently showed the entire church congregation yesterday morning) OOH. THE BAGUETTES WERE GOOD.

    HAHA. I ought to get my hands on those video clips, eh? Good wedding material in the future. ;)

  2. *to the entire church


  3. oh maaaaaaaaaaan
    as though Sunday's performance wasn't already mortifying, if that clip reappears in my wedding....
    sobs. imma whack you. With my RIGHT hand. got it?

    but anyway, remember what you said? How everytime that you try to embarrass me, you only end up embarrassing yourself?
    Cos well, apparently, everytime I'm doing something humiliating, YOU outshine me!
    So be careful or it may backfire miss noob. =p