How to be a GUY (according to guys)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Most guys are so unhelpful and clueless when I asked this question. =.=

1/ Don't be a hobo - Joel (not from school.)

2/ Protect the girl you like - ANONYMOUS.

This is actually really sweet. I mean, I can't really speak for all the girls out there but for me, well, yeah. Go Anonymous! =]

3/ Be kind and gentlemanly - Joel.

4/ Natural instinct - Julian
Explanation - He struggled to explain. The main point I managed to get was that, if you were born a guy, you just naturally act like one. So what happened to all those guys who act like girls???

5/ Enjoy gore

6/ like beating up other guys

7/ Find farts and burps funny

8/ Think you're the most good looking devil in the world.

"Narcissistic much?" I asked.

"Find me a NORMAL guy out there who doesn't think he's good looking." he replied. 

 (from 5 to 8 are all the wise words from the  useless bum just out of high school  - aka Cedric).

9/ A guy should play a sport. 

Show's manliness?

10/ Not to be hurt easily

This is true. I mean have you seen the way guys throw gut wrenching insults as if it were cotton candy?

11/ A guy should think before he does things but it is not really our nature so it is difficult

12/ If he has a girl friend then he should care for her and look out for her but not too much as to choke her and bring the relationship to a halt.

(from 9 - 12 are all Timothy)

13/ Pee standing up - Brandon. 

14/ Like girls - Josh.





Ok. So that's all on my list. And I do aploigise for the extremely late post. ><

Feel free to comment if you agree/disagree. Or if you feel that you can come up with better rules to "How to be a guy." =]


15/ If you have a girlfriend, make an effort to notice if she is dressing more fashionabally or has worn different earrings,etc. Because I find almost all men except those gay makeup artist lack in that area. Men are generally dense fart heads = .=


HAHAHAHAHAH! Thank you anon!! You da bomb!! =]